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Israpanit is an experienced team which has a deep understanding of the Japanese way of life. Our guides come from different fields of expertise and are able to speak Japanese.
In our tours you will find the answers to some very interesting questions such as:
How does Japan keep such a perfect order in a city of 13 million people? Why is it not customary to give tips in Japan? What are some unique Japanese table manners? Why do Japanese cover their faces with masks? Why do young people love to dress up as comic characters? What is the religion practiced in Japan? Why do Japanese LOVE Karaoke?

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I invite you to a Japanese culinary experience in my cosy kitchen in Tokyo.

  • Japanese are leaders in life expectancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) has closely linked that to traditional Japanese diet.
  • Besides the amazing health benefits, Japan is a well known heaven for foodies. Tokyo has kept its crown as the Michelin guide’s gourmet capital with the most starred restaurants for almost a decade now.
  • I fell in love with the Japanese cuisine from the first bite. Throughout the years I learned and specialized in traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • What I love about the Japanese kitchen is the natural flavors, the use of the highest quality ingredients, the attention to small details, the deep connection to seasons nature as well as the beauty of aesthetic presentation.

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Trip To japan travel Package airlines tours

Liat has been living in Tokyo since 2001. She is married to a Japanese and is raising her children in the city. Liat combines her three passions of food, travel and writing. She specializes in Japanese traditional cooking and Bento making. She has developed her own concept tours in Tokyo, and writes for magazines in different countries. She enjoys sharing episodes from her life as a foreigner based in Japan in her personal blog.

Trip To japan travel Package airlines tours

Trip To japan travel Package airlines tours

Israpanit is a meeting point of different cultures with Japan. it is a bridge that connects you to real Japan. Israpanit encourages you to explore the unknown aspects of Japanese culture and deepen your experience according to your interests and curiosity.
‘Israpanit’ is a personal blog that invites you to read and learn more about life in Japan. Liat shares her stories about education, motherhood, raising children, social codes and human relationships, art and food culture.