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Tokyo tours

Our tours explore the traditional and modern culture of Tokyo. In addition to
city sites and hidden corners, we offer you the view of an insider - everyday
anecdotes of living in Japan.

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Shopping tour

Tokyo is a shopping paradise! It is a cutting edge of fashion industry and the most stylish city

one can imagine. The mega city is re-inventing itself every single day and offers items existing

only in Japan.

Looking for special vintage shops? Department store that has it all?

Must-have souvenirs? Trendy brands? A one-of-a-kind boutiques?

Let`s have FUN FUN FUN on your shopping day.


Duration: Varies upon request.

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Omotenashi tour

Japan is known in the world for its highest standarts of service and hospitality. 

The spirit of omotenashi can be felt and enjoyed everywhere.

What is Omotenashi?

Why it has become unique brand of Japanese hospitality?

The tour includes:

  • An opening ceremony of a well-known department store.
  • Tea ceremony at the heart of a beautiful Japanese garden.
  • A tour in town showing and explaining omotenashi in every corner and aspect of daily life.

Duration: 5 hours.


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Tokyo Night

Tokyo comes to life after sunset.

The Mega metropolis turns bright and vibrant with its neon colorful lights and mass of salarymen go out after work.

The tour includes:

  • Eat dinner at an Izakaya, a Japanese style pub that serves food to accompany the drinks.
  • Karaoke room experience.
  • Visit an area with various  small bars and restaurants.

Duration: 4-5 hours.

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`Must see` tour

In a day or two we will cover the main spots of the city.

The tours combine traditional and futuristic sides of Tokyo.

 We will visit the popular and intriguing quarters of Tokyo and learn about the uniqueness of each place: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Asakusa, Ueno, Ginza, Roppongi, Hibiya, Akihabara and more.

Some of the things on the list:

  • Buddhist and Shinto shrines
  • Traditional Japanese wedding
  • Odaiba - An artifical entertainment island in Tokyo bay
  • Young people and women dressed up in kimonos
  • Harajuku - Subculture of young Japan
  • Gourment paradise and Japanese hospitality

and many more.

Tour duration: 7 hours

Pick up from your hotel.

Up to 10 people


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Culinary Tour

Have a taste from the city that holds the record for the most Michelin starred restaurants.

A city that offers a great diversity and quantity of restaurants with the finest quality.

Tokyo is a paradise for foodies, but not only. You can`t remain indifferent to Tkyo`s culinary scene.

The tour includes:

  • Explanations of the rich food culture.
  • Visit gourment floor of a famous and unique department store.
  • Visit the `Kitchen town` Kappabashi, a street with shops supplying restaurant trade. From knives, kitchen utensils and furnitures through plastic display food.
  • Taste street food in a traditional small town in Tokyo.
  • Eat lunch at a recommended conveyor sushi or any other type of restaurant of your choice.
  • Learn about special Japanese table manners. dos and don`ts.


Duration: 6 hours.

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Manga and Otaku tour

Why Japanese love cute little things?

What are the `Kawaii` and `Otaku` phenomenons?

Why some young people are dressed up like comic characters?

A visit to the otaku areas, experience and learn about the fascinating subculture scene that has become popular not only in Japan but around the world.


Duration:  5 hours