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Hanna Breiman

Dear Liat Thank you so much for a wonderful and enjoyable bento workshop. it was a pleasure. My husband took the Bento box to work and he loved it! all my family members are excited and looking forward my next bento making. Hanna

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Michal and Ron Fiarman

Liat is a wonderful person and I deeply want to thank her for an exciting and a great tour in the streets of Tokyo. We learned a lot about the city and its people. It was so much fun! I highly recommend to whom may come to Japan to reserve your tour with Israpanit.

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Dear Liat A trip to Japan is an awesome experience in so many levels and aspects. This was our first journey in Japan. We arrived in Tokyo after an independent trip of three weeks in the center of Honshu in which we experienced a lot of nature and small towns. We arrived until Kyoto which is a gem in itself. The meeting with Tokyo was almost a s

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Rammy and Liz

Liat Hi, First of all we wanted to say your Culinary tour was a delightful experience and it was especially a pleasure to meet you. We think about you a lot during the trip and your experience in Japan. You add a great volume and depth to our Japanese experience ... Thanks

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Maya Lisa Lifshitz

I took part in the workshop of Liat, Israpanit. I learned about the culture and history of the Bento, I prepared a meal that combined Japanese dishes and vegetables in a variety of flavors, colors and shapes. It was a unique and colorful experience!

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Thanks Liat for your successful workshop! I wanted to learn how to make Bento for a long time. Liat has hosted us in her kitchen and taught us all the preparatory stages ranging from cooking rice, preparatory stages of the components of Bento and decorations so that it is not only delicious, but also beautiful. We left the workshop with spectacul

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Shuly and Avivit

A magical lunch box by Liat Ten women were invited one morning and we all dove into a bubble - the lunchbox and the simple magics of what you can do with it. Through Liat`s workshop we learned about another side of the fascinating Japanese culture. The workshop was so much fun and interesting with the authentic stories of Liat`s life in Tokyo. One